Fashion for 2020 June 20 2020, 0 Comments

Hey there, well so far this year has definitely been challenging in a ton of ways. Although there has been a lot of bad news, I have gotten a lot of good out of it as well.  I hope you have too.  A change in ways to think about things has been my biggest take away.  I know that most people are not too happy about having to wear Face Mask when they leave the house but I for one was excited to add the new face mask to the accessories collection.  It has been a fun and colorful journey.  I have so many ideas and enjoy making the limited edition items come to life.  I love to see all of the creative ideas that people come up with.  My goal is to find ways to integrate this look into our overall fashion sense.  Making these items a stylish addition to our wardrobe.  


I hope you enjoy the collection